When it comes to taste, celery is usually not the first vegetable that comes to mind. Nevertheless, stalk food may have other beneficial properties that outweigh its lack of a particularly bold taste. In this article, we will consider the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with celery.

Some studies show that celery can benefit patients with rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, unlike many other vegetables, celery does not lose its nutritional properties when steamed.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with celery

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with celery

Celery is rich in phytonutrients, anti-inflammatory components, and antioxidants.

Dr. Josh Ax, a physician, and radio host told various publications that celery is useful for inflammatory autoimmune diseases. Such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), because it “contains antioxidants and polysaccharides, which are known to act as anti-inflammatory drugs, especially flavonoid and polyphenolic antioxidants.”

Other antioxidants that make celery useful for patients with RA include phenolic acids. Such as caffeic acid and ferulic acid, as well as flavanols, such as keratin.

According to Dr. Josh, this means celery is useful for treating inflammation and joint pain.

A study on the healthy state of some plants showed that luteolin, another substance found in celery, has anti-inflammatory properties. However, luteolin has not been directly studied in connection with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis analgesia.

However, the combination of healthy plant compounds, such as luteolin, along with antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory components, is the reason that some nutritionists and dieters recommend celery as a good food for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

A Pennsylvania health trainer recommends celery for clients who are interested in holistic nutrition. “I like celery not only because of its soothing anti-inflammatory properties but also because it moisturizes. It is also a low-calorie snack that satisfies the craving. This is important because patients with RA and regular arthritis always gain healthy weight. Therefore, choosing good snacks like celery is also important. ”

Celery seeds are also a component of some massage oils and natural pain ointments. Patients should be careful, although when swallowing vegetables or using its ingredients locally, if they have not tried it before, in case of allergies.

“I liked celery,” said a patient with RA. “Every day I used celery in my green juice. I felt that green juice helps my RA and colitis. But over time, I got a rash, passed the test and realized that it was celery. I am allergic to vegetables in this family.

A patient with RA said: “I don’t know if celery helps in my RA, but I eat it and a lot of vegetables except potatoes. I use it as an essential oil with celery seeds. I feel worse when I don’t eat my vegetables, so it can really help


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