Gout is one of the few dangerous heterogeneous diseases. It is considered quite common among the vast majority of older people. Previously, only men suffered from this disease, today gout is often manifested in women.

The clinical picture mainly consists of the incorrect removal of the appearance of peculiar salt growths on the bones. Outwardly, such growths look like acute arthritis. Gout is well treated even at home. Patients do not have to go to the hospital to get rid of this problem.

4 interesting prescriptions for traditional medicine

In some cases, an unpleasant sensation or even burning sensation may occur in the bladder. This is due to the fact that salt dissolves in the body and irritates the mucous membranes. It’s not worth being scared.

Recipe number 1. A healing broth from chamomile perfectly calms the affected gout limbs. Flowers should be poured with water mixed with salt (ratio of 100 grams / 10 liters / 20 grams). After the solution is infused, take a bath.

Recipe number 2. Ordinary spruce cones will help to perfectly clean the joints. For this, an unopened cone with seeds is poured with 1.5 cups of hot boiled water and left overnight. The broth should be taken 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The procedure should be repeated until complete recovery.

Recipe number 3. Cleansing the joints with bay leaf is also recommended. 5 grams of bay leaves should be filled with 1.5 cups of water and boiled for at least 5 minutes. The dishes should not be covered, because the leaves contain essential oils that adversely affect the kidneys with gout. The resulting broth is removed from the stove, wrapped in a towel and left for at least 3 hours. After insisting, the composition should be drunk within a day.

Recipe number 4. Boiled rice also has a beneficial effect on cleansing the joints. 2 tbsp. l Rice must be washed with water several times, then pour into a half-liter jar, pour water and leave overnight. Rinse again in the morning and cook. After boiling, remove from heat, rinse again and bring to a boil again. This procedure is repeated 4 times. When done, the rice is washed for the last time and is eaten without salt and oil. After taking this “medicine” you can not drink or eat for four hours. In the evening, repeat the procedure. This should be done within 45 days. Due to prolonged washing, starch disappears from the grains. And with repeated boiling, cells form. Due to this, rice does not settle in the stomach but quickly passes into the duodenum. There, cells are already taken for work and take in toxins, thereby purifying the entire body.

Black radish juice for dissolving stones and removing salts

Juice from black radish is one of the most powerful juices for removing salts from joints (including crushing stones in the kidneys and other organs) and strengthening vessels.

Only freshly squeezed black radish juice is used. Reception begins with 1 teaspoon, an hour after eating (you can breed with any other juice to your taste). Each time we increase the dosage, we bring first to 1 tablespoon of juice, and then to 0.5 cup, used at a time. This is necessary so as not to harm your body, at the same time to check whether there will be side effects, especially pain in the liver area on the right. If the pain appears, then reduce the dosage, or even take a break.

During such treatment, acidic and spicy foods should be discarded. The course of treatment continues until a total of at least 3 liters of black radish juice is drunk.

Traditional Medicine Newspaper Recipes

  • The roots of madder red. You need to pour one teaspoon of these roots with a glass of boiling water and let it brew, and it’s better to boil it in a water bath for about 10 minutes. Take the infusion in the morning and in the evening for half a glass.
  • Outdoor remedy. First you need to mix 3 vials of pharmacy tincture of valerian with a bottle of triple cologne and leave to insist overnight. Now with this mixture you need to lubricate sore spots, that is, protruding bones, with fleece at night. On top, attach polyethylene and tie something warm. After a few days, the joint will begin to twist, the skin will turn white, itching may begin.
  • Salt compress. Pour 500 grams of iodized salt into the pan, pour a little water over it and boil until the water evaporates. When all the water comes out, you should add 200 grams of medical vaseline or chicken fat, mix everything and make a compress from this solution overnight. It is better to put the solution on woolen cloth and fix it with a bandage. But, in addition to the external use of the ointment, it was still necessary to drink a decoction of linden.
  • Fish compresses for gout. It is necessary to take 2 kilograms of fish scraps, separate the meat from the ridge, throw the ridge itself. Divide all the meat into 10 parts, put it in small bags and put in the freezer. Before bed, defrost one bag. Wear a bag of fish on your leg, put on warm socks on top. The next morning, wash the legs, and throw the fish or give the cat. After 10 days, the pain will stop.
  • Cold and heat. This method was developed in Japan by a doctor who first decided to use cold and heat to treat joints. You need to prepare 2 vessels in advance. Pour cold water with ice in one, and in the other put the grains of any cereal and pour them with boiling water. As a result, the grains must be steamed and stay hot enough so that the joint can be lowered into them. Now lower the diseased joint first into a vessel with cold water for 3-5 seconds, and then immediately into a vessel with grains. If the joints on the hands hurt, knead the grains with your hands, this procedure gives a lot of pleasure. After this, the arm or other sore joint should be tied with a woolen scarf to warm the joints. Do this daily for two to three months. The treatment is long but effective.

  • Fat. Buy regular fat and cut it so that you can put small pieces of fat on each finger. And now rub each piece into the skin until these pieces become very small. After this procedure, used pieces of bacon should be discarded. And if you are tormented by constant pain, then apply pieces of fat to sore spots at night, fixing with a bandage. The next morning you will get a noticeable improvement. It is also recommended to eat wheat porridge with butter during the week. It will help get rid of salts in the joints. And after the first week, you can switch to milk porridge.
  • Butter ointmentYou need to take homemade unsalted butter and the same amount of alcohol. The oil begins to be heated until foam appears, after which the gas is turned off and the oil is poured with alcohol. Care must be taken to set fire to the alcohol, and when the alcohol burns out, the ointment will be ready. Put it in a jar and store in the refrigerator. You can use dishes that you don’t mind, such as an old skillet. Rub the ointment in a warm place, for example, next to the stove or fireplace, it is not necessary to wrap it. Rub until the pain passes.
  • Iodine baths. From the growth on the bones, you can also do foot baths in the evenings. In 3 liters of water you need to add 9 drops of iodine solution and 3 teaspoons of baking soda. The result is not long in coming. Already after 10 nights, there will be a result.
  • Onion soup. Wash 2-3 bulbs and fill with a liter of water. Cook along with the husk until the onion is cooked. You should take a glass of this broth 3 times a day before meals. The course of treatment for gout is 10-15 days.
  • Mustard against goutFor the preparation of gruel from mustard, take 1 tsp. honey, mustard powder and regular drinking soda. We thoroughly mix the components, the resulting mixture is applied to the affected joints that were previously steamed. Wrap the upper limbs with any plastic wrap and fasten with bandages. Such an unusual compress should remain on the skin throughout the night. The full course of treatment should be at least two weeks of daily procedures.

Gout Treatment Tips

For treatment to be successful, it is imperative that you follow the simple rules of healthy eating. It is recommended to somewhat limit the consumption of meat and fish, cauliflower and sorrel, and not to eat spinach. Berries, chocolate, figs, coffee and very strong green tea should be consumed in small quantities and preferably in the morning. Also, be sure to exclude beer and various wines from your daily diet. Instead, it is recommended that you significantly increase the amount of clean water you drink.

You can drink freshly squeezed juices and not very sweet fruit drinks, as well as alkaline mineral water. With such a diet, the patient begins to lose weight, which favorably affects the treatment of gout.

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