A new study sheds new light on the benefits of yoga for patients with arthritis. This article will look at the benefits of yoga for arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic systemic inflammatory disease. It is usually manifested by swelling of the small joints, especially in the arms and legs. RA affects both the physical and psychological health of patients. Common symptoms and related conditions of RA include stiffness and joint pain. As well as fatigue and muscle atrophy and depression.

An estimated 16% of people with RA experience depression. Such high prevalence is a concern. Since depression leads to mental disorders and reduces patient adherence and adherence to medical treatment. And that worsens the health status of patients with RA.

Exercises have been extensively investigated for their ability to improve the mobility and symptoms of depression in patients with RA. Although the results of various studies are not all consistent. Most support the positive effects of aerobic and weight training on muscle function, disease progression, and symptoms of depression.

However, several studies have evaluated the effects of physical activity associated with meditative practices. Such as yoga, the well-being of patients with RA, and even fewer people have analyzed the effect of yoga in patients with RA at the molecular and cellular levels.

The Benefits of Yoga for Arthritis

In a new study recently published in the journal Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience. The effect of intensive yoga practice on the severity of depression and the biomarkers associated with RA and cell stress in patients with RA was analyzed.

The study included 72 patients with RA who were undergoing treatment with BDP. They are a combination of drugs commonly prescribed for the treatment of RA. Researchers randomly divided 72 patients into a yoga group or a control group. The yoga group practiced a special two-hour yoga practice five days a week for eight weeks. While the control group was not ordered to make any changes to their lifestyle, which was mostly sedentary. 

The practice of yoga has had a small but significant positive effect on cell health.

The results of the study showed that after eight weeks of yoga practice, 18 biomarkers, which reflect the severity of RA and cellular health, improved in a small but significant way.

Leading research researcher, Rima Dada, MD He is also a professor in the Department of Anatomy of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. She explained in a press release: “Our results show measurable improvements for patients in the test group (yoga). Offering the immunoregulatory role of yoga practice in the treatment of RA. Intensive yoga regimen in combination with conventional drug therapy caused molecular remission. And restored immunological tolerance. “

The severity of depression decreased in patients who did yoga

In accordance with previous results, the study showed that the psychological health of patients in the yoga group improved markedly with an 8-week yoga program. This improvement in mental health is reflected in increased patient compliance. And their ability to carry out daily household chores. 

Additional Yoga-Based Therapies May Be Used to Relieve Symptoms of RA

Overall, the results of this study clearly demonstrate that patients in the yoga group benefited from the practice. And an intensive yoga regimen in addition to their usual pharmacological treatment. New findings also suggest that the visible effects of yoga on RA may be related to the effects of yoga on cell health and systemic inflammation.

But is yoga better than other forms of physical activity to alleviate the physical and psychological symptoms of patients with RA? Unfortunately, this study cannot answer this question. Because the researchers compared a group of practitioners of yoga to a group that did not exercise. Therefore, the changes observed in the main group cannot be attributed exclusively to yoga; they can be the result of any such form of exercise.

In conclusion, Dr. Dada said: “This study offers a new option. Pharmacological treatment can be supplemented with alternative and additional interventions. Such as yoga, to alleviate symptoms, both on physical and psychosomatic levels. ” Further research is needed to determine whether the effects observed in this study are yoga specific. Or they can be reproduced with other forms of physical activity.

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