Shoulder bursitis exercises can be an important part of rehabilitation for those who suffer from an inflamed shoulder bursa. The bursa, which is a fluid-filled bag, helps reduce friction in our shoulder spaces. When it becomes inflamed, you can experience a lot of pain.

When We have a few bursa in our shoulders. In most cases, it is a subacromial bursa, which becomes inflamed, causing pain on the outside of the shoulder, and can spread along the hand to the wrist. Shoulder exercises with bursitis can relieve pain, but you should start them slowly and back off if and when you start to feel pain.

Shoulder bursitis exercises

Your doctor will tell you when it is safe to start exercises for shoulder bursitis. In the meantime, the following shoulder bursitis treatment exercises will give you a good idea of ​​what might be part of your rehabilitation.

Rear Stretching Exercise: For this exercise, you hold the elbow of your injured arm with your other hand. Pull your injured arm up and through your body to make you feel a soft stretch behind your shoulder. Hold for about 15 seconds, then slowly lower your hand. Repeat this several times.

Stretching on the back: you cannot perform this exercise with bursitis until you restore a certain range of motion. When you are ready, you put your hand in the back pocket and let it rest to stretch your shoulder. Take the other hand and hold the injured hand behind the back by the wrist. Pull your arm up to stretch your shoulder. The next step is to take a towel and put it on the other shoulder. Place your injured arm behind your back and hold the back of the towel. Now, on the other hand, hold in front of the towel in front of your body and gently pull on the front edge of the towel. Your arm will move further along your back to stretch your shoulder.shoulder bursitis exercises

Shoulder rotation: This exercise should be performed while lying down. Take a PVC pipe or broom handle with the removed part of the broom. Lying on your back, hold the wand with both hands, making sure that both elbows are close to your body. Move the wand all over the body to a sore hand. Hold for about 10 seconds and repeat two to four times.

Tightening the shoulder blades: stand with your hands on the sides and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Try not to raise your shoulders when squeezing. Hold for five to six seconds, release and repeat up to 12 times.

Wall Push-Ups: Like moving forward, with this exercise you stand facing the wall and place your hands on the wall at shoulder height. Bend your elbows slowly and bring your face to the wall. Return to starting position. Repeat up to 12 times.

Pulling: Using a special stretching elastic, hook around a solid object to the waist level. One example is a bed stand. Each hand should hold the end of the tape. Pull the tape back so that your shoulder blades move towards each other, and then move your hands back to their original position. Repeat several times until you feel pain. 

Rotator internal strengthening: for this exercise, bursitis of the shoulder joint also requires stretching elastic. You tie the elastic to the doorknob and stand or sit with a relaxed shoulder. Hold one end of the strip in your hand with your damaged hand. Slowly rotate your forearm toward your body until it reaches your abdomen. Now slowly move it back to where you started. This should be done with a rolled towel between your elbow and body for comfort.

Strengthening the external rotator: similar to the internal rotator, this exercise involves holding one end of the elastic band with a damaged arm and starting from the forearm through the stomach. Then you slowly turn your forearm away from the body. Return your hand to where you started, and repeat.

Lead: using a rubber band, you hold one end and standing with your feet together, place the opposite end of the elastic under the legs. Slowly lift the tape until your hand is straight to the side. Return your hand to its original position and repeat.

Arm lift: for this exercise, you take a stick or a broom and stand upright, hold the stick in both hands and slowly raise the stick directly above your head. Hold this pose for about five seconds and slowly lower your arms. Repeat up to 10 times. Exercises for bursitis of the shoulder joint see above.

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