Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious chronic ailment. Patients have to undergo lifelong therapy, preventing the likelihood of an exacerbation of the disease. Girls find it more difficult because having a baby is not an easy task in case of illness. Some patients refuse to think about motherhood for fear of giving birth to a baby with a similar disease. Men suffering from the disease are also worried about the risk of passing arthritis to children. Is the disease really inherited? What are the real risks of the genetic transmission of the disease?

The likelihood of inheriting rheumatoid arthritis

The difficulty in identifying the specific inheritance of rheumatoid arthritis lies in the insufficient study of the causes of the disease. Instead of pinpointing the cause of the disease, scientists are speculating. Among the various theories of the origin of the disease are:

  • damage to the body by the Epstein-Barr virus;
  • rubella disease;
  • mycoplasmosis disease;
  • infection with herpes simplex virus from type 6 group;
  • the presence of HIV infection;
  • the presence of parvovirus B19;
  • violation in the field of sex hormones (men are characterized by an excessive decrease in testosterone, women – a lack of dehydroepiandrosterone);
  • stay in constant stress;
  • the transfer of an unexpected negative event (for example, the death of a relative, divorce).

A wide variety of theories confirms the powerlessness of modern medicine in explaining the causes of the disease. The ways of inheritance of the disease look doubtful, but world studies confirm the possibility of transmission from parents to the child. One hundred percent morbidity is not a question. It is more correct to talk about increased risks – the occurrence of symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in a baby under certain conditions, circumstances. Prednisolone for rheumatoid arthritis and its side effects

Remember – the disease may not occur, even with the illness of both parents.These circumstances significantly increase the risks, without leading to one hundred percent morbidity.Do not give up the dream of a baby!

Patterns of inheritance of rheumatoid arthritis

According to medical research, the disease is not always inherited. The following patterns of genetic inheritance of the disease were established:

  1. The presence of relatives suffering from an ailment from the maternal and paternal sides significantly increases the risks of rheumatoid arthritis in a child. A high number of sick relatives reduces the chances of maintaining health.
  2. The disease is often transmitted from mom. A sick father is less likely to transmit the disease to offspring. However, the probability of disease passing from a man cannot be ruled out.
  3. In identical twins, the risks of manifesting the disease are 4 times higher compared to twins. Scientists consider the disease of identical babies as evidence of the genetic inheritance of the disease.
  4. The presence in the DNA of genes that alter the body’s immune responses is considered a harbinger of the disease. There is a high probability of a disease manifesting in a child with HLA antigens DR1, DR4, DRW4, DW4, DW14.

The identical twins come from the division of one egg, therefore they have a similar genetic set, they are identical in appearance. Non-identical twins (twins) arise from two different eggs, have different sets of genes, are not similar in appearance (sometimes it is even difficult to guess relatives in them).

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Opportunities for preventing hereditary rheumatoid arthritis

Completely exclude the possibility of the manifestation of the disease does not work. Rheumatoid arthritis belongs to a community of diseases that are inherited under certain conditions (can be changed in a favorable direction). The following recommendations will help reduce the risks of an outbreak in an unborn baby:

  1. Plan your pregnancy carefully. Be sure to visit a rheumatologist, consult a gynecologist. It is preferable to carry out conception in a calm period (the active phase of arthritis prevents the baby from bearing, increases the risk of a hereditary transition of the disease).
  2. Be sure to cure infections that increase the risks of developing an ailment (for example, mycoplasmosis). Visit a gynecologist for the necessary tests. Partner risk checking will help reduce the risk of infection.
  3. To reduce the risk of having a baby with rheumatoid arthritis, genetics are worth a visit. The doctor will draw up a risk map, prescribe the necessary tests, additional studies. It is worth visiting geneticists before the onset of conception in preparation for pregnancy. If the baby was born unscheduled, you need to contact the genetic center as quickly as possible.
  4. Ask the child’s father about relatives’ illnesses. The presence of loved ones suffering from rheumatoid disease is often not taken into account, especially while maintaining the health of the future father. The manifestation of the disease in a baby of two healthy parents becomes an extremely unpleasant surprise. It is worth calculating the risks in advance, paying attention to the slightest suspicious syndromes.
  5. Tune in to positive results. Remember – stress is noted among the causes of the manifestation of the disease. Negative experiences will aggravate the condition of the future mother, and prevent you from enjoying the period of expectation of the baby. An optimistic attitude will increase the chances of having a healthy baby.
  6. Perform the proposed research. It is important to carry out three planned ultrasound diagnostics to clarify the health status of the fetus. Do not neglect to postpone regular appointments with the doctor. It is necessary to take tests prescribed by medical specialists on time.

Attention! If possible, be tested before pregnancy with your partner. It is especially important to undergo a comprehensive study for men with signs of rheumatoid arthritis. Timely tests will help to conceive, successfully endure, give birth to an absolutely healthy baby.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a complicated disease with unexplained causes. Inheritance of the disease is confirmed by indirect evidence. A direct relationship has not been established, but risk factors are confirmed. Patients of rheumatology departments should carefully prepare for pregnancy, bear a child under close medical supervision. Tune in for a positive outcome – everything will work out!

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