The shoulder joint of a person is a ball joint between the humerus and the shoulder blade. It has the widest range of motion. The likelihood of arthrosis of the shoulder increases with age. But trauma, such as shoulder dislocation, can cause osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint, even in young people.

To prevent the development of an acute form of the disease – shoulder osteoarthrosis, it is necessary to treat and carry out preventive measures.

Prevention consists of taking vitamins and mineral supplements.

People with osteoarthritis need a lot of calcium for bone strength. There are several types of calcium supplements. Some should not be taken because they contain a toxic metal – lead. The two best calcium preparations are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. The recommended dose of calcium for osteoarthritis per day should not exceed 600 milligrams.

Other vitamins for the treatment of the disease and the recommended daily dose:

  1. Vitamin D – 400 to 800 mg.
  2. Magnesium – 500 mg.
  3. Vitamin K – 80 mcg (should be taken after consultation with a doctor).
  4. Boron – 3 mg per day.

The first measures to prevent the development of the disease

A person with osteoarthritis needs to do everything possible to prevent bone loss. Many individuals have bad habits that contribute to bone loss. A patient diagnosed with osteoarthrosis of the shoulder joint should be avoided:

  1. Smoking. Statistics show that women who smoke have 15 to 20% less bone mass and therefore have a greater risk of developing osteoarthritis.
  2. Alcohol abuse. Most fractures and diseases are due to intoxication due to the use of large doses of alcohol.
  3. Coca-Cola drink. Scientists have conducted studies that have shown that cola and osteoarthritis have a direct relationship. The more drink you drink, the more prone to osteoarthritis.
  4. Coffee and tea. Both drinks contain caffeine. Caffeine is associated with increased calcium excretion.
  5. Avoid falls and other sudden movements. People with this disease have a high risk of fractures. Accidental falls can cause serious injury or disability.

Traditional treatment

If giving up bad habits has not improved, then you need to immediately go for help. The doctor will prescribe medications that help increase bone density and slow down its loss. Deforming osteoarthritis can be cured with the help of such drugs:

  1. Calcitonin.
  2. Raloxifene
  3. Bisphosphonates.

Resorption of bone tissue in osteoarthritis can reduce calcitonin, and will also help slow its loss. Calcitonin can prevent spinal fractures, has an analgesic effect. Calcitonin is released as a spray and injection. It does not cause mucosal irritation.

The drug Raloxifene has a healing effect on bone density. You can not treat women with the drug if there are problems with coagulation.

Bisphosphonates. This group of drugs promotes bone healing. They will help preserve bone tissue and increase bone density, reducing the risk of fractures. Side effects after using these medicines are nausea, abdominal pain, risk of digestive tract inflammation, or esophageal ulcer. If you have any symptoms, stop taking the drug and tell your doctor.

The use of hormonal drugs

Consult a doctor to find out more about drugs that treat osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint, in what quantities and how often to take. Dosage assignment – individually based on:

  • age
  • weight
  • medical history.

Deforming arthrosis with the use of hormonal drugs gives positive results. Among the most effective are:

  1. Teriparatide. Teriparatide is a powerful drug, an analogue of parathyroid hormone that treats deforming osteoarthrosis of the shoulder with high risks of fractures. Unlike other existing types of treatment, it works great, it stimulates the growth of new bone and prevents subsequent loss of bone mass.
  2. Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is a synthetic hormone that reduces the risk of fractures, especially in women over the age of 50. Care should be taken to treat Tamoxifen with deforming osteoarthritis since the use of the drug can give side effects: upset stomach, problems on the female side.

In cases where no drugs and preventive measures have helped, doctors conduct a full X-ray examination to further the operation at the site of the shoulder joint damage.

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