Pay close attention to the great power of potassium to reduce joint pain and arthritis

Many people know the properties of potassium related to good circulation, to the protection of the heart or muscles.

Few know the wonderful properties of potassium to improve the health of people with Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

High consumption of potassium, such as raw spinach, seaweed, papaya and an extensive list of foods such as the one we present will help you prevent arthritis pain

1. Algae for arthritis

These wonderful marine vegetables have a great contribution of potassium which helps to deflate our body especially the joints.

Among the main algae with a good supply of potassium, we find Dulse (1720mg.), Spirulina (1363mg.), Wakeme seaweed (50 mg.), which you can find in organic markets and stores.

In turn, they provide us with B vitamins that help strengthen our immune system, is fully recommended for people suffering from arthritis. This is indicated by a study published by the Food and Chemical Toxicology.

2. Papaya

potassium to reduce joint pain and arthritis

Usually, people suffering from arthritis have poor digestion, which indicates a malfunction of the digestive tract, being an easy entry for antigens causing inflammation and joint pain.

Within fruits, a good option is a papaya with 182 mg of potassium. It also contains an enzyme “Papain” which helps digest proteins faster, as indicated in a study published by the NCBI. 

3. Raw Spinach

potassium to reduce joint pain and arthritis

A bunch of spinach contains approximately 558 mg of potassium, it is also a good source of phytonutrients such as chlorophyll. (one) 

Chlorophyll is an important detoxifier and alkalizer perfect for an inflamed organism such as that of a person with arthritis, as demonstrated in a study published by the scientific journal Nutrition and Cancer.

By consuming them raw, we make the most of their great contribution of enzymes which help us to renew damaged tissues.

On the other hand, if the spinach undergoes a cooking process, the potassium contained in the spinach will be lost, even if we leave it in cold water. Therefore it is advisable to consume them in green juices, mousses or salads.

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4. Melon Cantaloupe

This juicy fruit contains in 100 gr. 267 mg of potassium, in turn, is a rich source of beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin, carotenoids related to joint relief and inflammation.

A study published by the Scientific Journal of Ethnopharmacology indicates that the natural flavonoids contained in the melon give it anti-inflammatory properties. 

These nutrients are ideal for rheumatic diseases such as arthritis.

It is advisable to consume this fruit alone since in this way its digestion is much more effective. The melon can be consumed either for your breakfast or as a healthy mid-morning snack.

5. Banana to reduce arthritis pain

It is a fruit with a good contribution of tryptophan which stimulates the production of serotonin, the so-called happiness hormones. In turn, they give us 358 mg of potassium in 100 gr of this fruit.

A study published by The Journal of American Pain Society shows that potassium intake helps relieve pain present in patients with arthritis.

In turn, the contribution of B vitamins such as pyridoxine (B6) and folic acid (B9) help strengthen your immune system. 

They also act as ideal natural anti-inflammatories for joints damaged by arthritis.

6. Avocado 

This delicious and versatile fruit gives us 485 mg. of potassium in 100 gr. Of this food.

A study published in the Nutrition Journal indicated that avocado helps reduce the risk of metabolic diseases that is to maintain an adequate weight important for people with arthritis.

In turn, avocado contains a good contribution of monounsaturated fats such as omega 3 which have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce joint pain.

7. Sweet potato and arthritis

potassium to reduce joint pain and arthritis

Within the tubers, sweet potatoes or sweet potatoes are an excellent source of potassium, containing 337 mg. of Potassium in 100 gr. of this food

Sweet potato not only helps reduce joint pain but also protects the stomach against ulcers, which could be of great help in patients with regular consumption of NSAIDs.

This is indicated by a study published by the Bangladesh Journal Farmacol.

8. Orange

This delicious and refreshing fruit contains in 100 gr. 181 mg Potassium

A study published by the scientific journal Plant Foods for Human Nutrition indicated that orange juice has anti-inflammatory effects both at the blood level and in gene expression.

Its excellent contribution of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, can neutralize the action of inflammatory agents, relieving joint pain in these people.

9. Coconut

Coconut water is one of the foods with a good contribution, 356 mg of potassium in 100 ml. of food.

A study published by the Pharmaceutical Biology Journal indicated that coconut has great anti-inflammatory and analgesic power, ideal for people suffering from rheumatic diseases.

In turn, extra virgin coconut oil has a high lauric acid content which, according to studies, has an excellent effect to prevent chronic inflammation present in diseases such as arthritis.

10. Watermelon and Joint Pain

Watermelon is a delicious and refreshing food but at the same time, an excellent source of potassium-containing 112 mg. in 100 gr. of this food

According to the American Arthritis Foundation, watermelon is one of the most recommended fruits for this disease.

Because it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory thanks to its contribution of carotenoids such as beta-cryptoxanthin, lycopene, vitamin C and A,

And it also allows you to control overweight in these patients thanks to its large contribution of water and low caloric content.

11. Important tips to reduce arthritis pain

It has been identified that people with arthritis have low potassium stores in the body.

Increasing potassium intake in patients with arthritis helps increase steroid levels. This hormone is related to processes that control inflammation in the body.

Increasing the dose of potassium naturally through healthy eating will have a greater impact to improve arthritis than by supplementing with this mineral.   

As a final recommendation, it is important to keep in mind that if you have any type of food allergy to these foods you should not consume them since their effects will be negative for your health.

It is important to take a special diet for arthritis where foods rich in potassium but also anti-inflammatory foods are integrated, relieving not only the annoying symptoms but also attacking the true origin of the disease.

This will allow balancing the physiological and biochemical functions that have been altered by a poor lifestyle and diet.


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