Significantly improve the patient’s condition allows the complex treatment of the disease. Physiotherapy for arthrosis of the knee relieves pain, restores blood flow, improves nutrition and promotes joint regeneration. It is prescribed for treatment and prevention. In medical practice, six physiotherapeutic techniques are actively used: laser, electrophoresis, ultrasound, ozone, paraffin, magnets. In order to better achieve the result, physiotherapy takes courses, at least 3 courses are required per year. Therapeutic manipulations can stop inflammation, and extend the time of remission.physiotherapy for arthrosis of the knee

Laser is the best cure for the disease

Laser treatment of knee joints is often prescribed for the treatment of arthrosis in elderly patients. The technique stimulates blood circulation, eliminates pain. The inflammatory process takes place after the second procedure. Exposure to the laser stimulates the activity of cartilage cells, thereby restoring their ability to reproduce and regenerate. A local increase in tissue temperature in the laser treatment area improves metabolic processes.

The photobiological method (treatment at the molecular level) reduces blood viscosity and reduces the likelihood of blood clots in the vessels. Laser treatment helps lower cholesterol and eliminates vascular spasms. How is the therapy going? The beam emanating from the device is a combination of infrared and ultraviolet flux. He is sent to a sore knee, the duration of exposure is about 15 minutes. The first ten procedures apply a beam frequency of 50 Hz, the next 10 sessions take place when exposed to 80 Hz, the third stage also lasts 10 days with a laser frequency of 600 Hz. The number of procedures performed depends on the state of gonarthrosis, the degree of the disease and the nature of the course. Laser therapy cannot be performed for cancer, hypertensive crisis, and hyperthyroidism, cirrhosis, and infections.

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How does electrophoresis work?

Electrophoresis is considered the most effective and safe method of treatment from physiotherapy

Physiotherapy by electrophoresis involves the introduction of drugs into the affected area under the influence of electric current. He literally carries electrical particles. Electrophoresis enhances the effect of antibiotics taken by the patient. Conducting direct current through the body tissue using the cathode and anode. Electrodes help relieve pain, reduce the inflammatory response, and resolve scars. The advantage of this method of physiotherapy is the effect of drugs and electric current only on the sore spot of the knee joint, healthy tissues are not affected. Stages of the procedure:

  1. A drug under the influence of an electric current breaks up into ions.
  2. The current, acting on a chemical compound, causes ions to move towards the epidermis and mucous membrane.
  3. The medicine enters the bloodstream and lymph, spreading throughout the body. The main amount of the drug remains in the area of ​​its introduction.

Electrophore is carried out under the supervision of a doctor in a clinic. Treatment is carried out several times. The effect of the procedure will last for 3 weeks.

How does ultrasound work?

Ultrasonic emitters are widely used as an additional treatment for arthrosis of the knee joints. The purpose of this method is to reduce pain and relieve the inflammatory process. Ultrasound treatment has three directions:

  1. Physico-chemical accelerates the production of enzymes that affect the restoration of cartilage.
  2. Mechanical action restores metabolic processes in tissues and improves blood circulation to the joint.
  3. Thermal exposure gently warms the affected joint.

Ultrasound treatment is mainly used during the rehabilitation period. Ultrasound therapy warms the affected areas of the knee and simultaneously massages the affected area, providing a deep therapeutic effect at the cellular level. This physiotherapy cannot be performed if the patient has a chronic disease in the acute stage, malignant neoplasms of any localization. Also, ultrasound treatment can not be performed during pregnancy, abscesses, gangrene.

Ozone Pain Relief

Only a doctor can perform this procedure, do not self-medicate

Ozone therapy in the treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for the joint damaged by the disease. Thanks to active oxygen, further destruction of the joint ceases. The advantage of ozone therapy:

  • improvement of metabolic processes;
  • restoration of microcirculation inside the joint;
  • regenerates cartilage tissue;
  • stops degenerative changes in bone tissue.

Ozone treatment is carried out in a hospital setting. The doctor injects the ozone-oxygen mixture directly into the joint itself. One injection contains from 2 to 12 ml of the drug. The full course of treatment consists of 8-10 sessions. Procedures are carried out with an interval of three days. Ozone therapy eliminates crunch in the joints and provides an influx of synovial fluid. In addition, such treatment almost instantly relieves pain.

Ozone improves trophic tissue and the synthesis of biologically active substances, it has an immunostimulating effect. Ozone-oxygen treatment improves the range of motion after 3-5 procedures. The effectiveness of therapy lasts 4–9 months.

The benefits of paraffin

Conducting physiotherapy with arthrosis of the knee using paraffin wraps accelerates the regeneration process, and stops the development of articular deformation. Paraffin treatment allows you to solve several more problems at the same time:

  • helps relieve pain;
  • restores blood circulation and metabolism.

The advantage of paraffin is to increase perspiration due to the good warming of the upper layer of the epidermis. It is an insulator, only excess moisture comes out. Together with the secretory fluid secreted by the toxic substances that are not absorbed back, they remain on paraffin. Warming opens the pores and intercellular space, due to this, blood circulation is enhanced, and signs of inflammation are relieved.

Method of the procedure: paraffin is heated, applied to gauze and applied to a sick knee. A warm cloth is placed on top of the paraffin, the diseased limb is placed under the blanket. The procedure takes 20 minutes. The course of treatment depends on the degree of complication. It ranges from 3 to 30 procedures. Paraffin treatment for arthrosis of the knee joint is prohibited to use in the presence of a tumor in the bones, inflammatory purulent processes. It is contraindicated to use this method with a tendency to hemorrhage, diseases of the genitourinary system and internal organs.

Eliminate the disease with healing magnets

Magnetotherapy for arthrosis of the knee joint is carried out in a hospital and at home. The procedure can be used both separately without the use of medicines, or in complex treatment. As a result of the magnetic field, the following is observed:

  • muscle stimulation;
  • easing or complete disappearance of pain;
  • restoration of mobility as a result of relieving spasms and relaxing muscle tissue;
  • resorption of infiltrative tissue;
  • blood flow increases, blood stasis, and thrombosis are prevented;
  • the inflammatory process is reduced.

Gonarthrosis treatment using this procedure takes 20 minutes. The device heats the diseased joint and the surrounding soft tissues by 2-3 degrees, to a depth of 9-12 cm. Magnetotherapy is carried out in courses consisting of 10-15 procedures. Physiotherapy with a magnet will be effective only in the first two stages of the disease. Gonarthrosis of the 3rd and 4th degree is not amenable to this therapy; it can be used as prophylaxis and reduction of pain manifestations.

Conducting magnetotherapy is contraindicated if the patient has an oncological disease, blood coagulation is impaired, there is a purulent inflammatory process and fever. Also, treatment can not be carried out with tuberculosis, post-infarction state and other diseases of the cardiovascular system, during pregnancy.


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