One type of chronic joint damage is rheumatoid arthritis. It affects paired joints of bones (knees, wrists, elbows), and such symmetry is one of the characteristic signs of the disease. In advanced cases, the disease can affect not only the joints, but also the skin, circulatory system, various organs, eyes, and the nervous system. Most often, the disease occurs in women after 35 years, but it can also affect other age groups. Men tend to get sick much harder. 
The exact causes of this autoimmune disease have not yet been elucidated, but now doctors suggest that various factors, both genetic and hormonal, and environmental, may work.. Due to an immune malfunction, the body’s defense system begins to attack not hostile pathogens, but its own tissues. It is not yet possible to completely cure this ailment, and therefore the task of doctors is to extend the period of remissions, prevent further damage to the joints, improve their condition and functions, and reduce inflammatory processes. The most important thing in any therapy is to do everything so that a person does not become disabled. And because the sooner measures to improve his condition begin, the better and more favorable any forecasts will turn out. For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, as a rule, two types of agents are prescribed: drugs with quick action aimed at relieving inflammation, and basic drugs of slow action. The drug “Methotrexate” with rheumatoid arthritis is prescribed very often,

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I must say that the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with Methotrexate has been practiced for a long time, however, the effectiveness and exact effect of the drug on the body has been proven only recently. It is prescribed to those patients who have pronounced inflammatory processes in the joints. In milder and less advanced cases, this medicine is not prescribed, since it acts directly on the immune system, inhibiting its activity. The use of this drug increases the risk of contracting any other ailments, both viral and bacterial in nature. At first, as a rule, the patient is prescribed other drugs to treat inflammation (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). If they do not help, then go to Methotrexate. This drug suppresses the formation of immunoglobulins by the immune system, prevents the formation of synoviocytes that destroy connective tissues, prevents the formation of erosion in the joints and reduces inflammation. The effect after taking the medication lasts an average of about three months. The use of the drug begins with oral administration (this method is the best and most often prescribed, however, it can cause side effects from the digestive system). If a person after this manifests such unpleasant phenomena as nausea or even vomiting, then the drug begins to be administered only intravenously or into the muscle. This is usually one injection per week. Dosages and frequency of administration are determined only by the attending physician, there should not be any amateur activity here.

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It is recommended that you take Methotrexate immediately as soon as all the necessary tests have been completed.

For rheumatoid arthritis, many experts consider “Methotrexate” to be used in all patients who have no good contraindications to its use. As a rule, the drug should be taken immediately as soon as the doctor has completed all the necessary tests and made the diagnosis, and sometimes even before the official statement. This technique allows you to make the course of therapy less long. Many experts are sure that this complex basic preparation is effective at any stage of the disease. The patient feels much better after the start of treatment, however, a long-lasting and lasting effect occurs only after a long reception (as a rule, this is six months, otherwise the effect of the drug will be very short-lived and ineffective).However, you need to be careful and constantly donate blood for clinical tests. This is done in order to prevent the drug from completely suppressing the activity of the immune system. If this happens, the drug should be immediately canceled and the therapy changed. The use of Methotrexate in conditions of inactivity of the immune system can be dangerous, entail other diseases, most often colds. If taking one given drug does not give the desired effect, it can be combined with various medicinal formulations. Most often, Methotrexate is prescribed together with Cyclosporin or Sulfasalazine. Typically, these schemes work and help approximately 80% of patients. Unfortunately, there remains another 20% of people on whom the drug does not have the desired effect. In such complex cases, the therapy is prolonged for a long time and drugs that suppress resistance are added to it. These can be anti-inflammatory steroids or biological drugs.


The use of this drug is not indicated for all patients. Since it is very effective and quite “heavy”, it acts on various body systems, and this fact must be taken into account when drawing up a therapy plan. Contraindications to taking the drug are kidney problems, patient immunodeficiency, liver failure, gastric ulcer, as well as the presence of various chronic diseases and serious infections (such as hepatitis, tuberculosis or AIDS). This tool is in no case prescribed to pregnant women, as well as to nursing mothers. You can not prescribe it to those who abuse alcohol. All risks and benefits for each patient can be adequately assessed and weighed only by the attending physician. Before you start using the drug, a specialist will definitely send the patient to a general detailed blood test, in which they will definitely focus on platelet counts, as well as blood donation for analysis of serum albumin. It is also advisable to pass liver tests, do not forget about bilirubin. In addition, the patient will certainly be sent for radiography and examination of the kidneys in order to exclude the risk of possible negative consequences that may cause the use of Methotrexate. Throughout the course of taking the drug, human health is constantly monitored. which can cause the use of Methotrexate. Throughout the course of taking the drug, human health is constantly monitored. which can cause the use of Methotrexate. Throughout the course of taking the drug, human health is constantly monitored.

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