Arthritis is a condition in which an inflammatory process flares up in the joints, which affects mobility, which provokes the appearance of pain. Traditional medicine suggests using compresses for arthritis in the knee joint. A complete cure for inflammatory pathology is possible only with an integrated approach. Therapy for a complex disease should begin immediately, after the appearance of the first signs and suspicions of the development of inflammation.

Ways to use blue clay

The founder of clay therapy is an outstanding scientist, philosopher, and doctor Avicenna. Clay contains a variety of minerals. The exceptional unique product has a powerful antitumor effect. Clay removes toxins, kills pathogenic bacteria. Natural sorbent reduces the manifestations of pain, removes inflammation, and promotes the rapid healing of tissues. In addition, clay-based compresses restore metabolism and improve joint nutrition. Blue clay is used to treat knee joints. It is rich in cobalt and cadmium, so it takes on a blue color. Clay compress recipes:

    1.  A centimeter layer of clay, heated to 45 °, is applied to sterile gauze. The knee is wrapped in a warm cloth. The compress can be removed only after cooling the clay. The procedure is repeated every other day. The course of therapy is at least 14 days. Then take a week break and the treatment can be repeated
    2.  A knee is wrapped in a warm towel for 20 minutes. After warming the joint, apply a cold clay application for 1 hour. Application preparation method: 90 gr. clay, pour 2.5 cups of water, add a few drops of lemon juice. A thick mixture will be obtained from which it is necessary to mold a cake. Clay is placed on a linen napkin, with a layer of 2-3 mm. A clay cake is applied to the sore knee for 2 hours, wrapped in a woolen scarf. The procedures are carried out twice a day.

    After the expiration of the time, the compress is removed. The remaining clay is washed off with warm water, and the skin is lubricated with a moisturizer or cosmetic oil. For the preparation of compresses, new clay is used each time.

    Massage of the knee joint for arthritis: benefits, contraindications, technique

    Honey for the treatment of ailment

    The bee product has unique properties. Honey helps to eliminate toxic substances, quickly relieves pain, eliminates inflammatory processes. Recipes for compresses:

    1. Take 0.15 liters of honey, 0.07 liters of aloe juice, 0.25 liters of vodka. The ingredients are mixed until smooth. The mixture is applied to diseased joints for 1–2 hours. The compress has an anti-inflammatory effect on the joints.
    2. 1 tbsp will help relieve joint pain with salt and honey. The action of this compress is akin to a wave of a magic wand, instantly relieves pain. The mass is laid out on linen cloth, applied to the affected joint, wrapped in a warm cloth. The compress is applied overnight, washed off with warm water in the morning.
    3. To make a compress, you need 30 grams. table salt, 10 g. dry mustard and baking soda, 50 gr. honey. The mixture is applied in the form of compresses daily for 7 days.
    4. With exacerbation of arthritis of the knee joint, 50 grams will help cope with pain and inflammation. honey with carefully mixed eucalyptus oil in a volume of 30 ml.

    Honey activates metabolic processes in the joints. Do honey compresses regularly. Some compresses will have to be done for months to forget about the pain for a long time.

    Dimethyl sulfoxide dressings

    Compress with “Dimexidum” cannot be used in case of damage to the skin, individual intolerance to the drug, impaired functioning of the liver and kidneys, angina pectoris. The drug improves metabolism in the affected joint, accelerates the regeneration process. In addition, “Dimexide” helps to improve blood circulation, prevents the formation of blood clots. A compress with Dimexidum and Novocaine quickly relieves joint pain. Recipe:

    • 30 ml of “Dimexidum”;
    • 50 ml of Novocaine 20% and water.

    Gauze tissue is moistened in the resulting solution, the diseased joint is wrapped. Use the tool is allowed 1 time per day. Instead of Novocaine, doctors recommend using 1 ampoule of Hydrocortisone, while Dimexide will need 20 ml more. You can also replace Diclofenac.

    How to apply a bandage with salt?

    Salt compresses are used in combination with the main methods of treatment, but not as an independent tool. Using compresses with salt, the inflammatory process will decline, bouts of pain will occur less frequently, joint mobility will recover. Cooking:

    1. It is important to make the correct concentration of the solution. Not enough salt will make the compress ineffective. For 1 liter of water add 3 tbsp. l salt. The fluid should be warm.
    2. A sterile gauze dressing, folded in several layers, is moistened in the prepared product. It is necessary to maintain it in the composition of about 2 hours.
    3. A tissue dipped in the solution wraps the diseased joint. A bandage can be fixed around the edges with adhesive tape or a cotton cloth. It is impossible to completely close the compress, so as not to disrupt the natural circulation.
    4. After the gauze has dried, it is removed. The plaque remaining on the diseased joint is washed off with warm water.

    Achieving a positive result depends on the regular use of the compress. The duration of treatment is 2 weeks. A salt compress is used daily. Application time does not matter.

    What other home remedies can be used to treat the disease?

    Traditional medicine is often used in the treatment of knee arthritis. Compresses have practically no contraindications, except for individual intolerance to the components. Alternative therapy of inflammatory pathology lasts a little longer. Up to 3 months of daily use may be needed to reduce inflammation and pain. Compress recipes:

    1. Raw potatoes are peeled and ground in a blender. The resulting mixture is applied to the knee joints before bedtime, in the morning the knee is lubricated with a moisturizer.
    2. A mixture of kefir and chalk contributes to the partial restoration of cartilage. To prepare a compress, it is necessary to crush a small piece of chalk, mixing with kefir to the state of gruel. The tool is applied to the knee joints at night.
    3. The burdock leaf is moistened in cold water, applied to the diseased joint with the fluffy side, bandaged.
    4. Oatmeal is poured with 2 glasses of water, put on fire, after boiling simmer another 10 minutes. The tool is applied to a sore joint at any time of the day.
    5. Fresh radish juice is mixed with chopped aloe leaves, applied for 40 minutes. The tool helps to restore metabolism.
    6. Fresh leaves of cabbage and coltsfoot help relieve inflammation, swelling and stop the destruction of cartilage. You can lubricate them with honey.
    7. In the same amount mix water and turpentine, add 2 tbsp. of vegetable oil. Sterile gauze is moistened in solution, applied to the joint. It is necessary to carry out 6 procedures in a row, otherwise, a positive result will not come.

    Concerning the use of any means, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. With the development of infectious disease, warming compresses cannot be used.


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