Despite the fact that people are aware of the dangers of alcohol, many continue to drink alcohol for gout. Only a few can eat on a special diet. Most patients try to find the safest drink. Someone uses red wine and cider, others are convinced that expensive cognac and whiskey do not have a harmful effect on the body. Doctors note that there is a connection between alcohol-containing drinks and gouty attacks, so it is important for all patients to stop drinking alcohol.

Can gouty patients drink alcohol?

The overwhelming number of physicians and scientists are convinced that alcoholic beverages not only have a detrimental effect on the human body with gout, but can also be hazardous to health. However, this opinion is not completely unambiguous, since some doctors are still sure that in small quantities alcohol, which does not contain preservatives and flavors, can be useful. If the drink is made from natural ingredients, it has the ability to strengthen the immune system and the musculoskeletal system, which includes the joints suffering from gout.

It is allowed to drink no more than 2 glasses of quality wine and after consultation with a doctor.

Why can’t alcohol be used for illness?

In case of illness, drinking alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

Alcoholic beverages have a detrimental effect on the activity of the kidneys, as a result of which they begin to excrete less uric acid along with urine, which over time is deposited and crystallizes in the joints. Further, there is inflammation, swelling, pain and impaired mobility. When the patient is already suffering from gout, taking even a small amount of alcoholic beverages exacerbates the situation. Alcoholics are most susceptible to the likelihood of complications.

Information about different types of alcohol for gout

Vodka: to drink or not to drink?

Strong alcoholic drinks are considered by doctors to be the most dangerous for gout. A study was conducted in which 3 groups took part. People who were in the 1st did not drink alcohol at all, in the 2nd they took 150 ml per day, and in the 3rd – 210 ml. The results of the experiment turned out to be indicative:

  • Patients from group 1 practically did not suffer from gout attacks, and if they did, the symptoms were rather sluggish.
  • People belonging to the 2nd category were exposed to attacks of the disease 2 times more often.
  • Patients from group 3 experienced an exacerbation 2.5 times more than people from group 1.

    Vodka compress helps relieve joint pain.

Doctors note that it is better not to consume vodka, moonshine and other strong drinks at all, so as not to put yourself in danger. If this is not possible, then it is permissible to drink no more than 50 g. Since vodka contains warming components, doctors recommend making compresses from it on the legs and arms to soothe pain in the joints.Why processed meat is bad for Gout

Wine and gout

Some doctors are convinced that a grape drink will not harm a disease if it is prepared at home or is represented by a brand that has a good reputation and uses only natural raw materials. It is better to drink dry wine for gout, opting for red or white. However, such recommendations are individual in nature, since for some patients a dose of several glasses will be acceptable, while in others it can cause serious complications and seizures. Scientists conducted an experiment, during which it turned out that the use of a grape product contributes to an increase in the number of seizures in males, while the fair half of the population is less susceptible to this.

Is beer possible with illness?

Many people believe that beer is a good kidney cleanser, so it is quite beneficial for gout. This statement does not correspond to reality, since the beer contains a large amount of purines, which provoke gouty attacks. At the same time, doctors note that an exacerbation will not keep itself waiting and may appear the very next day after drinking this alcohol. And we are not only talking about an alcohol-containing drink, non-alcoholic beer for gout is also prohibited. In addition, the beer drink increases the density of the blood, which makes it difficult for nutrients to penetrate into the systems of the human body and organs, including the joints.

How safe is alcohol consumption?

Activated charcoal is useful when you need to drink alcohol.

If it is difficult to give up alcohol, you can drink alcohol, observing the following principles:

  • It is worth drinking a small amount of vegetables or butter before the meal. The product will create a film on the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the absorption of alcoholic beverages.
  • It is not recommended to drink alcohol if the person has not eaten beforehand.
  • It is permissible to take sorbents, for example, activated carbon.
  • You can’t combine different types of alcohol.
  • At the end of the feast, it is recommended to drink alkaline mineral water .
  • If the patient is taking medications, then alcohol is absolutely forbidden to drink at this moment, since there is a risk of complications and unwanted reactions.

To prepare the body for drinking, it is better not to consume 50 g before a meal, as healthy people do.

Some doctors note that patients suffering from gout can drink no more than 30 g of strong alcoholic beverages, 100 g of wine and cider and 300 g of beer per day. This opinion is ambiguous, since each person’s body reacts to alcoholic drinks in different ways. It is important to consult with the attending physician about the possibility of drinking alcohol, since he is familiar with the medical history and individual characteristics of the patient.Diuretics for gout

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