The connection of gout with heredity is proved. The main reason is impaired metabolism, which is characterized by the accumulation of uric acid salts in the joints, but bad genetics is not a provocateur of failure. The risk of developing articular pathology is especially high against the background of fermentopathy, when the body lacks substances that contribute to the processing of purines that come with food.

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What is gout?

With gouty inflammation, tissues and joints are damaged due to metabolic disorders responsible for the breakdown of purines and excretion of uric acid. Due to the fact that the body can not cope with getting rid of salt crystals, they accumulate in the joints more often than toes. Then the feet, hands, elbows, knees suffer. If untreated, gout is complicated by urolithiasis and renal failure.

The course of the disease is chronic with frequent exacerbations in violation of the therapeutic regimen. The disease is characterized by the development in 4 stages:

  • asymptomatic;
  • acute arthritis;
  • intercritical stage;
  • often relapsing.

Men who have crossed the 40-year milestone are susceptible to the disease, and in women, the menopause is the trigger, when little estrogen is produced, which is responsible for the excretion of uric acid.

Causes and symptoms

Disruption of kidneys can provoke the disease

Gout is not inherited, but predisposition is transmitted. Since inflammation is not a hereditary disease, there are 2 reasons-provocateurs:

  • The level of uric acid is high, so healthy kidneys do not have time to remove the substance from the body.
  • There are violations in the work of the kidneys, which cannot cleanse the blood of purine metabolites even with their normal amount.

Additional factors triggering the disease, including heredity:

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  • sedentary way of life;
  • a diet rich in protein-containing foods;
  • drinking alcohol, especially beer.
  • the presence of excess weight;
  • chronic diseases: hypertension, renal failure, diabetes, digestive problems;

Exacerbation of gout occurs at night or early in the morning. A damaged joint (most often on the lower extremities) swells, severe pressing pain and redness appear the temperature rises. In the afternoon, symptoms decrease until the next night. The attack lasts from a few days to a week. The next exacerbation may affect other parts of the body. Chronic gout is characterized by the appearance of tofus – gouty nodes filled with uric acid salts. The growths become inflamed and painful.

The role of heredity in the development of gout

At the chromosomal level, a deficiency of purine-cleaving enzymes can be transmitted to the child


Recent studies have proven the effect of heredity on the appearance of gout . But the presence of the disease in relatives does not necessarily mean manifestation in children since only a predisposition is transmitted at the genetic level. But there is a greater risk of developing gout in the offspring if one of the parents is diagnosed with fermentopathy, that is, a deficiency of substances that contribute to the breakdown of purines. This disorder passes from the mother or father to the child with the corresponding chromosome.

How to prevent the disease?

But you can prevent an ailment, even with poor heredity. Prevention of gout is as follows:

  • A diet that restricts the consumption of meat and fish, mushrooms, and legumes. Also, one should not get carried away with pickles and marinades, smoked meats, and in general from salty, spicy, or sour foods.
  • Of the drinks, preference should be given to mineral water, because tea, coffee, cocoa are undesirable. It is necessary to refuse alcohol and smoking.
  • Mandatory healthy physical activity.

To prevent gout or exacerbations, you should do swimming, gymnastics. It is very important to wear comfortable shoes, and if possible walk barefoot. After consulting a doctor, you can carry out bath procedures using brooms from eucalyptus or birch, which well soothe joint pain.

PAY ATTENTION!Normalize the work of the joints and do not bring yourself to a wheelchair, it is better to play it safe,

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