Learn how to prevent arthritis below by 5 expert tips. Understand how it can help you maintain a healthy weight, take care of your body positions among other tips to prevent arthritis from developing in your body. 
How to Prevent Arthritis 5 Tips

1. Eliminate inflammatory foods

How to Prevent Arthritis 5 Tips

According to a study in Rheumatology, a diet that includes only foods of plant origin and that eliminates meats, dairy products, derivatives and gluten is useful to reduce inflammation in the body.

According to the study, the reduction in inflammation and other symptoms of arthritis in participants who followed the diet with plant-based foods was 40.5%.

The reduction of inflammation by eliminating food of animal origin and gluten is due to the decrease in the body’s response to antigens present in these that trigger allergy.

In turn, avoiding these foods has been shown to reverse the destruction evidenced in x-rays due to arthritis thanks to changes in the immune system by eliminating these foods. 

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1.1. How to implement this advice?

Join and learn in our blog what are the prohibited foods for arthritis and why leave your consultation to nutritionists and know how you can healthy replace these foods and take care of your joints. 

2. Maintain a healthy weight

According to a study conducted at The University of North Carolina, physical injuries caused by forced labor or physical activity increase the risk of arthritis.

It is important to avoid loads and realize strength. Forced labor causes damage to tendons, ligaments and cartilage, tissues that protect the joints, eroding them.

This can add to cartilage damage caused by arthritis, which if left untreated complicates the joints. The damage can delay the diagnosis of arthritis due to confusion with the lesion.

3.1. How to implement this advice?

If you do work of this type, the ideal would be to abandon them, if this is not possible, it is essential that you use safety belts to avoid injuries, always keep in mind flexing your knees when lifting weights and keeping your back straight. 

4. Take care of body positions

According to a study conducted at the University of Saskatchewan, it is important to take care of the position of the body and perform physical activity with professional supervision.

People with arthritis due to inflammation and pain have a higher incidence of joint damage, fractures and herniated discs.

This is why it is important to perform physical activity by wearing comfortable shoes, take care of positions and straighten your back when sitting, avoid fast flexion or extension movements.

4.1. How to implement this advice?

Physical activity is recommended for people at risk or who have arthritis because of its mobility and mental health benefits and should always be done with medical advice according to the current state of the joints. 

Select an activity according to your general physical health, exercises in the water and on the ground such as gymnastics and walking classes are appropriate and the appropriate one for you should be chosen according to the presence of inflammation or pain so as not to increase the discomfort. 

Physiotherapy specialists have the knowledge to teach you how to manage your body in your daily activities and exercises to avoid injuries due to bad movement. 

5. Reduce stress

How to Prevent Arthritis 5 Tips

According to a study at Louisiana State University, stress in daily life is related to the development of arthritis activity and inflammation. 

Also, according to another study at Arizona State University, the presence of depression increases pain and has a negative effect on daily stress, increasing the response to stress and pain throughout the body.

It has been observed that if it is not treated early, between 20 and 30% of people with arthritis may be left with some type of disability in the first 2 to 3 years of the disease. 

5.1. How to implement this advice?

Incorporating activities that you like, enjoying at least one day a week of outdoor activities, taking yoga classes, tai chi or meditation at home will help relieve your stress. 

Put these tips into practice and prevent arthritis, visit our Arthritis Blog and follow our advice to achieve it. 


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