Learn what are the 3 Foods that make your Fibromyalgia pains worse and that you should avoid. Eliminating these foods from your diet will allow you to live pain-free and recover your life before fibromyalgia.

Find out for example why milk, coffee and other foods consumed daily in the Western diet increase your fibromyalgia pain. Find out what substances are present in these foods that make your pain worse.

The following article includes the 3 foods responsible for excluding healthy foods for fibromyalgia from your diet. 

1. Alcohol

According to a study conducted at McGill University, it was shown that alcohol abuse is related to unfavorable development of fibromyalgia.

Another study, prepared at Mayo Clinic, USA, established that the consumption of more than 5 alcoholic drinks in the weekly diet increases pain symptoms and worsens the quality of life of fibromyalgia patients.

Also, according to the University of Michigan, excessive alcohol consumption of 5 or more drinks is related to many health problems such as a worse quality of life and emotional distress.

The compulsive drinkers of 5 to 7 drinks that present fibromyalgia in the study had a higher score in the questionnaires called FIQ and SF-36.

The FIQ is a questionnaire that is used in patients with fibromyalgia and measures the symptoms of fibromyalgia and physical deterioration, lost workdays and symptoms of pain, fatigue, stiffness, difficulty at work, anxiety, and depression.

The SF-36 has 36 questions that assess health-related quality of life and measure physical and social functioning, vitality, limitations of emotional and mental health.

Therefore, high results indicate that a consumption between 5 to 7 alcoholic beverages affects the mental, emotional and physical component of fibromyalgia.

Likewise, consumption of less than 5 alcohol drinks in patients with digestive problems, other fibromyalgia disorders or medication abuse can alter the absorption of alcohol and increase pain. 

In turn, alcohol interacts with medications used by people with fibromyalgia such as sedatives or sleep medications.

The study did not differentiate the type of beverage consumed, so that beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages have this effect on health, mainly due to their ethanol content. 

In contrast, low alcohol consumption was associated with fewer fibromyalgia symptoms and a better quality of life. Replace the alcohol in your meals with natural juices of fruits and vegetable sources of vitamin A and C.

There are studies that show a positive relationship between alcohol consumption and fibromyalgia but consumers of low alcohol are involved.

That is why there is not enough evidence to recommend consumption in people with fibromyalgia given the complications mentioned in chronic drinkers.

Alcohol abuse is one of the most frequent psychiatric problems in patients with chronic pain. In turn, many of these patients have a history of alcohol abuse before the onset of pain.

Therefore, alcohol consumption can trigger fibromyalgia symptoms and its consumption is not advised. (4)

2. Milk and derivatives

A study carried out at the Institute of Biomedicine UCV, reveals that 50% of patients with fibromyalgia have milk intolerance.

Milk intolerance not only increases the pains throughout the body of fibromyalgia but also produced reflux in 50.8% of patients and gastritis in 52%, thus increasing abdominal pain.

According to a study published in the Prohealth Journal, in addition, animal fat present in milk, arachidonic acid has inflammatory power increasing pain.

Make juices of fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, rich in carotenes, powerful antioxidant is an alternative to milk to fight ailments.

3. Coffee and tea

According to a study designed at The University of British Columbia, the consumption of coffee and tea, due to its caffeine content, increases the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The mechanism by which coffee has this negative effect on fibromyalgia is because it stimulates the nervous system. This effect can further complicate the difficulty of sleeping in these patients.

A study conducted at the Center for Wellness, USA evaluated a diet with plant-based foods such as fruits, salads, nuts, seeds that excluded caffeinated beverages

This diet improved fibromyalgia pains and facilitated limb movements.

4. Foods with high healing power and fibromyalgia

A diet with foods with high healing power with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, flax and chia seeds, canola, cereals.

That also excludes milk, meat and toxic-free additives, sugars, soda, caffeine and alcohol, is the best option of natural treatment for fibromyalgia pain.

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